Burnt Ashes Wednesday

Good afternoon, guys!

This morning the band had me up at the crack of dawn, to take me with them to the gym. I begrudgingly dragged myself from my bed at 6am, showered and dressed to find Trey already waiting on my driveway, with a Starbucks in hand. (Thank God for small mercies!) Upon climbing into Treys pickup truck, I settle myself in the seat, expecting a nice, quiet, peaceful journey to the gym… I should have known better…

“You ready?” Trey asks me, his voice laced with over the top enthusiasm. Seriously, how is he this perky in the morning?

“Not even a little bit.” I grumble, looking over at him. A devious grin spreads over his handsome face, and my stomach plummets. I’m suddenly feel nervous, I know that look all too well. I knew I should have stuck with Logan picking me up, at least he’d of left me alone until I wake up properly. I watch suspiciously as Trey leans forward and hits a button on his radio. Less than a few seconds pass and Survivor’s Eye Of The Tiger is blasting through the speakers. I glare at him, not in the least impressed. His hands start drumming to the tune on the steering wheel, before he backs out of my driveway, laughing my expression. I can’t stop a small grin forming when he starts singing, and pretty soon my bad mood is put behind me as I sip my coffee, and listen to him sing. As soon as the song finishes, he turns the volume down and glances at me.

“Awake yet?” He asks, his eyes now focused on the road.

“Getting there.”

“You ready to sing it with me before we reach the guys?”

Is he for real? That thought actually mortifies me. No one should be subjected to my awful singing.


I watch him as his lips turn up into a smile. Finally he allows me to drink my coffee in peace. Fifteen minutes later we’re pulling up in the parking lot of the gym, and the boys are stood around outside the entrance. I groan as they turn their heads in our direction. I decide to stay seated as Trey gets out the truck, laughing. It doesn’t take the band long, as I’m hauled out, coffee discarded in a nearby trash can. I’m so not ready for this…






Well, I survived. Just… I also know that I’m NEVER joining the guys in another gym session. Who works out for two and a half hours continuously? … Not this woman! I did however, manage to get some pics of the guys in the gym. (Ladies You’re welcome!) Logan and Sam were lifting weights for the best part of an hour, where I only managed to do all of two minutes. Yes, I know. That’s pitiful, but damn, with their eyes on me they’re lucky I even managed that! Trey was rope climbing, which I had a fun with. (Until my arms felt like jelly. Again, I don’t ‘do’ the gym scene. At all.) All was forgiven when Trey swung us in a pancake house after… Pancakes after a workout? I have no idea how men’s minds work, and nor do I wish to. Once we had pancakes, Trey wanted to go to the lake at the park. BIG mistake. There were so many people that wanted his picture, we ended up doing a group shot, and running back to the truck. I can’t deny that I didn’t enjoy myself, as it was a lot of fun… As for my body, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be HELL in the morning.


See you next week for another Burnt Ashes Wednesday!


Burnt Ashes Wednesday – 24/09

Okay boys, welcome to the first Burnt Ashes Wednesday…To start this week off, I had the public send in some question’s to get to know you a little bit better. The first question I received was sent in from Cassie Brown, Texas.

How old were you guys when you lost your virginity?

Logan’s head snaps up from his cell, he looks a little excited to be answering this question, if the smile on his face is anything to go by. Sam rolls his eyes, and Chace looks cautiously around the room.

Trey: I’m still a virgin. I believe that when two people find each other, and they have that connection that it should —

Logan: You are so full of shit!

Sam: How many girls came out your bedroom this morning, Trey? I’m pretty sure that I counted more than two…

Trey: What? No. I told you guys that I believe in finding that one person who —

Logan: Will suck your dick like a pro?

Sam snigger’s and looks at Chace who’s busy typing away on his cell phone. He immediately shoves him to get his attention.

Chace: What? I’m waiting for you guys to answer. I figured I had a while…

Logan; Fuck it… I was fourteen.

     The boys look at Logan, clearly impressed… apart from Trey.

Trey: You lost your virginity at fourteen? Dude, that is… disgraceful!

     Logan shrugs his shoulders and leans forward in his chair, resting his arms on his legs.

Logan: What about you, Red? How old were you?

Sam: Don’t answer that. Logan, you can’t fucking ask her that. Have you seen the size of her husband?

Logan: Fairs fair, right?

All the boys look at me expectantly.

Me: I’m sorry, guys! You’re gonna have to keep wondering that answer.

Logan: Will you tell me later? After the interview?

Me: No.

Logan: Oh, c’mon…

Sam: I was seventeen.

     We all turn to look at Sam, who looks a little sheepish.

Sam: What? I’ve not always been this good looking. Some of us have to work hard you know?

Logan: Yeah, that shit must be hard…

Sam: Fuck you, pretty boy!

Chace: I was fifteen. I lost it in a threesome.

Chace sits back in his seat, looking off into the distance.

Trey: Way to go, brother!

     Trey holds out his fist for a fist-pump.

Logan: I thought you were just saying how you’re waiting for that one special woman…

Trey: What? I wanted to try something new.

Logan: You’re the only person I know that actually asks a woman for sex, like you’re asking her for the time.

Trey shrugs.

Trey: It works.

Me: How old were you, Trey?

Trey: I think I was sixteen. Everything was a little crazy back then…

Okay, moving on. Sara Canes from San Diego wants to know, what would you be working as if you weren’t in the band?

Logan frowns at me, and looks at Sam.

Sam: That’s easy for me. I’d be a fitness instructor. I love working out and keeping my body in shape. It’s something I’m good at.

Logan scratches his head and runs his hand through his hair, leaning around Sam to look at Trey.

Trey: I don’t know, I don’t have a back up plan. I guess… I guess I could be a model, right? I’ve got a pretty face, and ink… yeah. I could be a model.. Kayla told me I’m model material.

Trey says that last part whilst smirking at Logan, who’s eyes have now turned hostile.

Chace: I’d be a chef.

The boys all openly laugh at Chace.

Sam: You don’t cook anything. You’re the most useless cook out of all us.

Chace: So? What’s your point?

Sam: No one would hire you.

Chace: Well if I wasn’t with you douche-bags, I’d have to learn wouldn’t I?

Everyone turns to look at Logan, waiting on his answer.

Logan: I could be anything. I adapt easily…

Sam: You’d be a stripper.

Logan: Shut the fuck up, Sam.

Sam: What? You told me that you used to —

Logan: Finish that sentence and I’ll —

Trey: Wait, what?

Chace: Seriously? You stripped before, for money?

Logan shakes his head, and pinches the bridge of his nose.

Trey: This is gonna be front page news in the morning.

Trey laughs hysterically, causing the others to join in.

Logan: It was only one time…

A snort escapes me, and I look up to see Logan’s gaze on me.

Logan: Don’t publish that, Red.

Me: Of course not.

And lastly for today, Ed Stark from Montreal wants to know, Do you ever get tired of all the partying and sleeping around?

Sam chuckles and looks at Logan.

Sam: You must have slept with his girlfriend.

Logan: Why me?

Sam: You’re kidding, right? You know exactly who that is!

Sam and Logan glare at each other.

Trey: No, and hell no.

Chace: Yes to the partying, and no to the sleeping around.

Sam: You’re tired of partying? Since when?

Chace: Since I woke up with a monster fucking hangover again this morning.

Sam: Lightweight.

Trey: How does one get tired of sleeping around?

Logan looks at me, and raises an eyebrow in question.

Me: What?

Logan: Nothing, Darlin’

Sam: Answer the question Logan, I got shit to do…

Logan: Pass.

Trey: You’re passing on the question? I didn’t know you could pass on the questions? Why did no one tell me that?

Logan points his fingers at me.

Logan: I’m gonna get to ask you three questions tonight, Red.

Me: Two.

Logan: Three.

Me: You never answered the third question.

Sam and Chace grab their stuff, and walk out the door, leaving Logan, Trey and me. Trey holds the door open for me while I grab my bag and coat.

Me: Thank you.

Logan: You can’t sleep with her, Trey… She’s our boss.

Trey: Is that true?

Me: I’m married.

Trey grabs my hand and checks out my wedding rings.

Trey: Shame. I was gonna ask if you —

Logan: Move it, Trey.

Trey: Red heads are my favorite…

© K E Taylor