Mark your calendar’s!!!!

HI, guys!

I now have a release date for Life After You… Mark your calendar’s for November 11th! I’ll be hosting giveaways on my page during the day, so be sure to attend my release party for a chance at winning some amazing swag.

Thank you so much for your continued support, it means the world to me. ❤


Burnt Ashes Wednesday

Good afternoon, guys!

This morning the band had me up at the crack of dawn, to take me with them to the gym. I begrudgingly dragged myself from my bed at 6am, showered and dressed to find Trey already waiting on my driveway, with a Starbucks in hand. (Thank God for small mercies!) Upon climbing into Treys pickup truck, I settle myself in the seat, expecting a nice, quiet, peaceful journey to the gym… I should have known better…

“You ready?” Trey asks me, his voice laced with over the top enthusiasm. Seriously, how is he this perky in the morning?

“Not even a little bit.” I grumble, looking over at him. A devious grin spreads over his handsome face, and my stomach plummets. I’m suddenly feel nervous, I know that look all too well. I knew I should have stuck with Logan picking me up, at least he’d of left me alone until I wake up properly. I watch suspiciously as Trey leans forward and hits a button on his radio. Less than a few seconds pass and Survivor’s Eye Of The Tiger is blasting through the speakers. I glare at him, not in the least impressed. His hands start drumming to the tune on the steering wheel, before he backs out of my driveway, laughing my expression. I can’t stop a small grin forming when he starts singing, and pretty soon my bad mood is put behind me as I sip my coffee, and listen to him sing. As soon as the song finishes, he turns the volume down and glances at me.

“Awake yet?” He asks, his eyes now focused on the road.

“Getting there.”

“You ready to sing it with me before we reach the guys?”

Is he for real? That thought actually mortifies me. No one should be subjected to my awful singing.


I watch him as his lips turn up into a smile. Finally he allows me to drink my coffee in peace. Fifteen minutes later we’re pulling up in the parking lot of the gym, and the boys are stood around outside the entrance. I groan as they turn their heads in our direction. I decide to stay seated as Trey gets out the truck, laughing. It doesn’t take the band long, as I’m hauled out, coffee discarded in a nearby trash can. I’m so not ready for this…






Well, I survived. Just… I also know that I’m NEVER joining the guys in another gym session. Who works out for two and a half hours continuously? … Not this woman! I did however, manage to get some pics of the guys in the gym. (Ladies You’re welcome!) Logan and Sam were lifting weights for the best part of an hour, where I only managed to do all of two minutes. Yes, I know. That’s pitiful, but damn, with their eyes on me they’re lucky I even managed that! Trey was rope climbing, which I had a fun with. (Until my arms felt like jelly. Again, I don’t ‘do’ the gym scene. At all.) All was forgiven when Trey swung us in a pancake house after… Pancakes after a workout? I have no idea how men’s minds work, and nor do I wish to. Once we had pancakes, Trey wanted to go to the lake at the park. BIG mistake. There were so many people that wanted his picture, we ended up doing a group shot, and running back to the truck. I can’t deny that I didn’t enjoy myself, as it was a lot of fun… As for my body, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be HELL in the morning.


See you next week for another Burnt Ashes Wednesday!


Music Monday

Hey, guys!

So, for my first Music Monday I am going to tell you what songs really inspired me with writing the beginning of Life After You.

My first song that I really connected to was Daughtry – Open Up Your Eyes.

This song has so many feels for me. The emotion from the lyrics paved my way for the first chapter. I felt like it was perfect for how Kayla was feeling, what she was going through. For me, it was like Logan was singing it about her, so I could connect to both characters through one song.

One of my all-time favourite songs that I listened to when writing Life After You, and I still love listening to, is Plumb – Don’t Deserve You. I felt like this was a great song for Kayla. Logan’s been her best-friend since childhood, and for him she battled through the toughest time in her life, after losing her twin brother. Logan’s has always been a constant figure in her life, and it was always him that was there when she was in trouble, or doing something reckless.

Music is a huge creative part of my writing. I’ve always had a passion for music, and I can easily get lost in it. If you find me writing, nine times out of ten I’ll have my headphones on and one of my playlists playing. Of course, having a twelve year old daughter makes my playlist interesting… She likes to add a couple of random songs to surprise me. One of my latest finds was Little Mix.

Duty calls, guys! Thanks for taking the time to read my first post! Logan’s been calling me for the last ten minutes, so I better go and see what trouble he’s got himself into…


Word Of The Week

Hi guys, welcome to my word of the week blog post.

This week’s word is WMD.

Now I know many of you will automatically think of Weapon of Mass Destruction,

and, well… you wouldn’t be too wrong.

In my little world a WMD actually means Weapon of Mass-Dickstruction.
So, I’m guessing you guys are wondering how this word came to exist in my life?

The answer is quite simple. I married a comedian. My husband is quite literally the funniest person I have ever met,

and the one liners that he comes out with have me crying with laughter.

In fact, just the other night I was dosing off to sleep,

and he said something that had me bolt out of bed to get a pen and paper to write it down.
Now, what I won’t tell you is how he gave me the WMD line… Some things are better left unsaid!

Next week I’ll be letting you in on a little word that gets thrown around by my street team on a daily basis.

Have a great weekend! ❤